Welcome to ScienTerrific Kids

We bring the science right to your classroom, after school club, Scout troop or birthday party.

We offer comprehensive programs and lessons for terrific kids in Orange County We strive to build on partnerships among parents, teachers and schools. Our programs are designed to encourage children by establishing their curiosity in science and providing a foundation that will motivate them to continue expanding their interest in science throughout their education.

We do this by incorporating the following principles in our programs:
Children learn best when they are excited and involved in the learning process.
Science curriculum must be relevant to children's interests and based on accurate
concepts, principles and information.
Teachers must be competent, confident and enthusiastic in their approach to
teaching science.

Goals and Objectives:
To get children truly excited about science.
To develop partnerships with parents, teachers, and schools to raise science literacy.
To continue to provide fresh, fun, "hands-on" science programs for K-6 grades.

Statistics on Learning Retention:
Hearing 10%
Seeing 30%
Saying 50%
Doing 70%

ScienTerrific Kids emphasizes "doing" to achieve maximum retention of the science principles taught.

From Archeology to Zoology

We offer a wide range of lesson topics covering many different areas of science. From the microscopic to the astronomic, we cover it! Classroom lessons, after school clubs, special events or Summer Science Camp, they all provide a fun and educational experience for your child or student. Every lesson provides the kids with hands-on learning as they explore different science concepts. Kids get to take home all types of fun and educational projects to share and continue the learning adventure.

Science Fun All Year

Science doesn't stop at the end of school, with ScienTerrific Kids Summer Science Camp the fun and learning continues on all summer.