It’s your world Change It!
Hydroponic garden vs reg. gardens- make one of each.
Flower dissection- learning while plant life is so important to humans.

Between the earth and Sky
Do projects on how to be a good Stewart to the planet which we all live in. Several to choose from:
Mini Beast safari- girls will learn about the most abundant animals on earth ( arthropods) and their role.
Oceans life- girls learn about life under the sea. Learn how to adopt a sea animal and make a difference.
Magnificent Mammals- girls will learn about mammals and take home a diorama showing mammals from the sea, land and air.

It’s your story tell it!
You can choose any of our science programs that will allow girls to explore, create, and investigate.
Allowing girls to become a herpetologists, ornithologist, marine biologist, engineer, a chemist any much more.
Marble roller coaster-
girls will build their self esteem and learn communication skills, team work and the first steps to basic engineering all while having fun making a roller coaster they get to keep.
Call for a program to help your girls discover a new path on their Journey.