Brownie Quest-
Girls will take a journey to learn how to go green. What a carbon  footprint is and how to reduce it, and make a eco-friendly car to take home.

WOW-Wonders Of Water
Girls will learn about the water cycle and make a bracelet to remind them, plan a water game and make a hydroponic garden to take home with them.

It’s Your Story Tell it

Heart Smart-Learn about your heart and how to keep it exercised and healthy. Gils will take home a cirlulatory work book, home make stethoscope, and a model of their heart.

Bone Zone-The skeletal system of our body includes an endoskeleton, The children experiment with bone strength and build a plastic skeleton model to discover some of the scientific names of the bones that make up their frame
Get a Grip-girls will make a working model of their muscles.  Learn a 5 minute exercise routine and play muscle mania. This is a fun way to learn about your mind and body healthy for life.
Lungs in a Cup- Make a working model of your Respritory System and how keeping fit now will benefit you later in life.
Growing Guts & the Food Pyramid-Your body will not be healthy unless you eat the right foods but what happens once you have eaten the food? Take a journey thru the digestive system and how to keep it healthy for a healthier you.