Marie Curie, Maria Goeppert-Mayer, Rachel Louise Carson, Elizabeth Blackwell, Rosalind Franklin,Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale. What do all these woman have in common? They were Scientist. With the Power of One. Choose from any of our many programs to bring out the scientist in your girls.

You can choose from any of our get moving projects-All will show potential energy, kinetic energy, Girls will discover what a carbon footprint is and how to reduce it and make the world a better place by using a few simple rule to conserving our energy. Magnetic cars, rubber band cars, balloon cars, wind racers, sail boats, marble roller coasters, flashlights, racing slime, paper making, and many more.

Leaders you can choose from one of our projects that promote healthy living and a healthier you.
Heart Smart- Learn about your heart and how to keep it exercised and healthy. Gils will take home a circulatory work book, home make stethoscope, and a model of their heart.
Bone Zone-The skeletal system of our body includes an endoskeleton, The children experiment with bone strength and build a plastic skeleton model to discover some of the scientific names of the bones that make up their frame
Get a Grip Girls- will make a working model of their muscles.  Learn a 5 minute exercise routine and play muscle mania. This is a fun way to learn about your mind and body healthy for life.
Lungs in a Cup- Make a working model of your Repertory System and how keeping fit now will benefit you later in life.
Growing Guts & the Food Pyramid-Your body will not be healthy unless you eat the right foods but what happens once you have eaten the food? Take a journey thru the digestive system and how to keep it healthy for a healthier you.